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The Secret to Success of Failing Fast!

If you want to succeed at invention licensing and bring more new products to market, you MUST learn to embrace the secret success of failing fast!

I've had several consultations lately that all landed on a common denominator, fear. It's like when you buy a car that you never saw on the road and all of a sudden you see it everywhere. It's that you've become conscious of its existence so now you see it.

In the same way, once we see our fear for what it is, it becomes more obvious to it when it shows up giving us the power to address it powerfully not painfully!I have dealt with paralyzing fear my entire life. It's always rooted in a lie that triggers some insecurity and leaves me with 2 choices we all know too well...fight or flight.

I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone that we are in the business of creating. Creating means "new". "New" means unpredictable and scary which = fear! Fear is a part of this business. If you are not careful it will influence, or even worse, dictate what you do next.

So, here's a quick tip for you as you build your licensing business. Make an effort to pay attention to your feelings. Honor them, they are real and have a purpose. When you accept that fear is part of the process and honor what it is telling you, it will not hijack your thinking but guide you to a proportionate response to it. It could tell you that you are in danger and need to reevaluate your next step and protect you from that danger. Or, it could tell you that you need to course-correct your thinking so that the "perceived" prospect of pain that is coming from baggage in your past and preventing you from mastering your life and achieving your dreams can be healed and set you free to do ANYTHING you set your mind to!

Making failure your friend is the first step to overcoming any fear you may knowingly or unknowingly be preventing your success."Fail Fast & Fail Forward" when failure is your teacher it is also your friend!
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