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Meet The Founder:
Lisa Lloyd
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"This was so far some of the best advice I’ve received. It makes so much sense. Thank you!!" - Kris K.
Would You Like To Be A Professional Inventor?

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The Invention Accelerator is my signature program that includes an intensive online curriculum, weekly live coaching calls, and an exclusive mastermind of supportive Inventors to help you develop and hone your skills to become a professional inventor.  The goal of this program is to provide you with all of the steps and support you need to build a meaningful invention licensing business for your WOW solutions! 

See what this "Shark" had to say about Lisa Lloyd on ABC's Beyond The Tank:
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  • I loved this presentation and explanation of how to come up with the Wow Factor! - Bob
  • Hi Lisa, great webinar! So informative! I am definitely going to contact you for a 20 minute consultation. wishing you the best! - Darci
  • Thank you Lisa. Great seminar and information. I love your process of innovation. - Keith
  • When will I see you on TED Talks? YOU ROCK! DOC LISA ROCKS!! - Michael


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  • Wow, really amazing stuff. Thank you so much Lisa! - Mike
  • Lisa, absolutely wonderful presentation. Thank you so much for sharing. Rich blessings for your future. -Luke
  • List Item 3This was so far some of the best advice I’ve received. It makes so much sense. Thank you!! - Kris
  • Lisa was very knowledgeable and professional. Very easy to talk to and understands the inventor's viewpoint, as new as it may be. - Don 

Who is this program for?

If you have a lot of ideas and are feeling stuck and confused about what to do next.

If you are committed to your success but have have limited time to spend on it.

If you would like to save money on professional services like attorneys, engineers, etc.

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What's Included:


This “real-world” guide will help you invent better products and bigger profits! This 5 hr. online training is broken down into simple "bite-size" lessons to guide you through every step from concept to market.


When it’s time to apply all that learning more specifically to your invention and personal situation, you can join any of the weekly coaching calls with Lisa Lloyd to get the answers you need fast!


You are NOT ALONE! Inventing can be scary and having a support group to celebrate your wins and help you with your challenges is a critical ingredient for success! Get  valuable feedback, support and networking.


Can’t do it all yourself? The program also includes special discounts for qualified, vetted services providers to help you with all your outsourcing needs.


Anyone in the product development world should be thrilled to be working with Lisa and Lloyd Marketing Group. She is the consummate professional who creates a great pitch and does it quickly and effectively to get your Product it’s best chance for success. If I had a new Product of my own to bring to market, I would be on the phone with Lisa very quickly.
By FAR the best person in the industry to consult regarding inventions because of her experience, knowledge, and mindset. Lisa is an excellent listener and genius with her methodology on helping inventors create products that sell and get them to market! 20 minutes with her will change the course of any inventor’s journey for the better. Definitely did for me. A million thanks, Lisa!
Lisa is one of those rare inventors who knows what it takes to come up with a winning product idea, develop it correctly, protect it, and then pitch it to bring it to market. She knows how to invent solutions that sell! She's also a highly engaging speaker.  In my opinion, she’s one of the best!
I spoke to Lisa for about 25 minutes and I must say that conversation was gold. Lisa's professionalism, compassion and positive energy along with her knowledge of the industry allowed me to pick up some real nuggets to move forward onto the next phase of my invention. I am extremely grateful that she took the time to speak with me and point me in the right direction. I will definitely use her services again in the near future.
I highly recommend Lisa Lloyd’s Invention Accelerator to any would be inventors.  It was the best investment I’ve ever made.  She’s brought many inventions to market and brings this experience and a passion to help others to her class.  And the additional lifetime resources available will surely benefit novice and experienced inventors alike.  I’ve had many “brilliant” ideas over the years but didn’t know where to start.  Thanks to Lisa, I have now applied for a patent and am well on the way to bringing my first invention to market.  I’m so excited. 
While we were working on product ideation, development and marketing with Lisa Lloyd, it instantly became apparent that Lisa truly understands the language of invention. She has a keen sense of how-to bring inventors together with ideas, strategies and action plans that ensure success at every step of the process. More importantly, Lisa brings a knowledge based caring attitude to everything she is involved in, making her incredible to be around and work with.
Meet the FOUNDER

Lisa Lloyd, Chief Visionary Officer

Anyone can be a great inventor, helping to change the world and make a very nice living doing it. The challenge is that most people are great at identifying problems but are missing the skills to invent solutions that sell!  With 30 years experience inventing and consulting independent inventors and Fortune500 companies, Lisa knows how to invent solutions that sell! She has invented 7 products that have generated more than $30M in sales and is dedicated to helping others learn the tips, tricks and hacks to become professional Inventors also.

Pt. 1 - The French Twister Story

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Pt. 2 - The TC Pets Story

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